Ivy Lane Farm

Organic Market Garden


Ivy Lane Farm

Organic Market Garden


Ivy Lane Farm is an Organic Market Garden located in Goodwood, Ontario.

On the farm we grow a variety of organic vegetables by building up soil naturally using compost, natural soil amendments and cover-crops. We are a low-till operation, managing a 1/4 of an acre mostly by hand, taking care to preserve the delicate soil structure and grow strong, healthy and delicious organic vegetables for our community.


Ivy Lane Farm is closed to the public for the 2018 season as we focus on a new business model.



Blue Support Box Program

Blue Support Box Program


Blue Support Box Program...


Welcome to Blue Support, founded by the owner & operator of Ivy Lane Farm, Organic Market Garden in Goodwood, Ontario.

This Support Box Program was designed to support Mental Health & Wellness and created out of a need to have self-care products delivered to ones' doorstep during times of mental illness crisis. 

The products in the Support Boxes are lovingly curated using local creators and doers in the GTA and surrounding communities. They are full of healthy products for supporting both body and mind. They also include in-person resources for mental illness supports in your area and easy, healthy meal recipes to keep you fuelled during times of illness. 

Blue Support Boxes ship within Canada only. 

To purchase a Support Box for our official launch July 2018, please click here.

Our current partners include NAGI and Giddy Yoyo. If you are a Toronto or GTA artisan and/or mental health or wellness professional and would like to support our mental health & wellness initiative please click here. We operate on a donation based sample model in order to reach as many people as possible. Please see our suppliers page here.

Giving Back:

We have goals. Goals to provide individuals struggling with mental illness to have access to affordable self-care products to use during their time of crisis. We also have goals to give back, further. 

When we get to a point in our growth, with every 10 boxes sold, 1 will be given away to an individual who enters their name into our sign-up list (launch to be announced). As well, in the future, $1.00 of each sale will be donated to an therapy centre to support the costs of therapy to a deserving individual. 

Help support our goals by purchasing our Support Boxes and/or sharing our page to your family and friends. 

All the best 

Blue Team