Who am I?

Blue Support was founded by me, Kate, of Ivy Lane Farm. I farm organic mixed vegetables for farmers' markets and CSA members and have farmed for 3 seasons. I have always been looking for a way to combine farming and mental health, me two seemingly unrelated passions. But they are completely connected. Good food that nourishes your body also supports your mental health. Watching plants move through their life cycle from seed to harvest allows us to see our own immortality and life's fragility. Weather patters and uncontrollable situations connects us to our liberating powerlessness and therefore releases whatever control we think we have over our lives or others. The soil we grow in contains microbes that have actually been studied ad suggested to improve mood and mental clarity. There is nothing more connected to mental health than farming, it seems to me anyway. So out of farming came Blue Support, an innovative self-care support box full of items made by local and/or small businesses and artisans; food stuffs that help support your recovery and products that use locally grow and/or fair trade ingredients. As Blue Support grows, I hope to use products from the farm, still use sample products from local makers and finally I hope to provide meaningful employment opportunities to those looking to support their own mental health and wellness


So that's how Blue Support came to be and how it fits into Ivy Lane Farm. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via the contact page


All the best,